Every record, book and DVD is unique (at least the most of them), therefore please reserve via e-mail. Use Cut & Paste to place your order into your mail. Payment in advance, as assumed :-). I will answer as soon as possible!

Stop searching: I don't have a shopping cart!
That's uncomfortable, but gives us the opportunity to communicate. Maybe some of you will have a benefit of this :-)

My mail-adress for orders is: order(at)

Payment possible via banque transfer (within Europe) or PayPal
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All questions: info(at)

My address:

Steamhead Records & Books
Schallplatten- und Buecher-Antiquariat

Peter Wrzeciono

Am Rollwald 36
63110 Rodgau-Nieder-Roden (Rollwald)

Fon. ++49-6103/3763708

If you like you can visit my shop. I'm there every day. My shop is open:

Sa 3:PM to 8:PM
and on appointment

Or phone me: I'm almost always there :-)